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PHILLIP THOMAS TUCKER, Ph.D., has won recognition as a national award-winning historian and America’s most prolific groundbreaking “New Look” historian in multiple fields of history. He has authored more than 100 books in many fields of history, while gaining an international reputation as “the Stephen King of History.” Best known for presenting fresh perspectives and original ideas to demythologize traditional history long outdated, Tucker has authored more than 190 works, both scholarly books and articles, of history that have long overturned outdated books of traditional history.

The winner of prestigious national awards and well-known as “a creative, innovative thinker, who has a gift for conceiving and outlining original works in serious history,” he has emerged as America’s most iconoclastic and prolific historian in the 21st Century. Tucker’s groundbreaking history books have been widely praised on both sides of the Atlantic from the New York Times to the London Times. A fellow Ph.D. in history and professional historian emphasized how “Tucker is one of the most innovative, hardest working, and diligently productive” historians in America.


Presenting vibrant historical narratives and cutting-edge history distinguished by new perspectives and insights, the author has written more than 100 highly-original books of unique distinction. Tucker’s RANGER RAID has presented a close look at the most audacious and daring raid in the annals of American military history—the attack of Major Robert Rogers and his Rangers on St. Francis, while breaking much new ground in the field. This 2021 book has broadened the author’s range of important books that have focused on fascinating subjects from the French and Indian War to the Second World War.


More than 25 of Tucker’s books have been written about the distinguished legacies of black heroes and heroines, including a new book about the forgotten mother of the Civil Rights Movement, CLAUDETTE COLVIN; four volumes devoted to heroine Harriet Tubman; four books about the remarkable life of female Buffalo Soldier CATHY WILLIAMS; four volumes devoted to the most famous black regiment (the 54th Massachusetts) of the Civil War; etc. He has written more than a dozen books about unforgettable black women to reveal their rich contributions and sacrifice in America’s story and Caribbean history.

Very few historians have so expertly combined academic and popular history to vividly recreate the past from mere scraps of historical evidence to continuously break new ground and present fresh perspectives, while shattering historical myths and providing distinctive “New Look” perspectives to illuminate historical narratives than Tucker. Unlike traditionally told historical narratives from only one side or perspective, the author has allowed readers to view the most ignored and forgotten side of history, especially black history and women’s history, to bestow a more balanced and honest perspective to the historical record.

First and foremost, Tucker’s books are stores about people of all races and classes who were caught in monumental historical events beyond their control and power to escape, while presenting hard-hitting and brutally realistic and honest narratives. As much as possible, the author tells these stores through the eyes and experiences of the participants.

One of the author’s most recent books has been devoted to the incredible saga of teenage Claudette Colvin, which is a heroic story of defiance and protest in the face of impossible odds. Tucker’s CLAUDETTE COLVIN, FORGOTTEN MOTHER OF THE CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT is an especially timely and important work for all Americans today. Significantly, Dr. Tucker has been the most prolific and groundbreaking author in black history in the last 50 years, including the books CUSTER’S FORGOTTEN BLACK SOULMATE, NAT TURNER’S HOLY WAR AGAINST SLAVERY, FATHER OF THE TUSKEGEE AIRMEN, JOHN C. ROBINSON, DAVID FAGEN (2 volumes); CHARLOTTE L. FORTEN’S BROKEN HEART; JOSEPHINE BAKER; MARY EDMONIA LEWIS, and four volumes about female Buffalo Soldier CATHY WILLIAMS.

Dr. Tucker’s books are distinguished by a unique fusion of enlightenment with groundbreaking history and fresh perspectives to reveal important historical narratives that have been long-ignored and forgotten in the traditional narrative. Tucker earned national recognition in winning one of America’s most prestigious national awards for the best non-fiction book in Southern history in 1993. Dr. Tucker also enjoyed a distinguished career as a Department of Defense historian, primarily in Washington, D.C., for more than two decades, including duty in working on the personal staff of the Chief of the United Sates Air Force at the Pentagon, Washington, D.C.

This prolific author has been long known for innovative and creative thinking outside the box to present different and fresh views to solve historical mysteries and overturn traditional historical viewpoints. Tucker’s iconoclastic books are widely-known to be as hard-hitting as they are groundbreaking, including CUSTER AT GETTYSBURG, A NEW LOOK AT GEORGE ARMSTRONG CUSTER VERSUS JEB STUART IN THE BATTLE’S CLIMACTIC CAVALRY CHARGES: the most important Civil War book of corrective Gettysburg history released in the 21st Century. The History Book Club lavishly praised this groundbreaking book—”a book combining two popular subjects [and] author and historian Phillip Thomas Tucker recounts the story of Custer at Gettysburg with verve.”

Dr. Tucker’s books have been featured by the History Book Club for more than three decades. He was earned the rare distinction as the only historian in the long history of the History Book Club whose important books have been featured for three consecutive decades.

Fellow professional historians have long recognized Dr. Tucker’s “gift for conceiving and outlining original works in serious history [which is] his longest suit as a professional historian,” in the words of one distinguished academic historian and fellow Ph.D. in the field of history. Even more, America’s most prolific author in history in the twenty-first century has achieved recognition at “the most innovative, hardest working, and diligently productive [historian] of his generation.”

Tucker’s well-researched, scholarly books have presented cutting edge “New Look” history that have provided fresh views about the nation’s most important turning point moments in American history. A 2020 History Book Club and Military Book Club Selection like six of the author’s other books, Tucker’s CUSTER AT GETTYSBURG has been acclaimed by leading experts as thoughtfully penetrating, while illuminating the most forgotten chapter of Gettysburg history. This groundbreaking book has overturned the outdated obsolete books by emphasizing the importance of the crucial cavalry role at Gettysburg on July 3, 1863. Representing the author’s 7th Gettysburg book in his well-known myth busting tradition, CUSTER AT GETTYSBURG has presented a corrective analysis to explain the most neglected reason for decisive Union victory at Gettysburg, when Custer and his Michigan men saved the day.

CUSTER AT GETTYSBURG, the most scholarly book ever written about this forgotten turning point in Civil War and American history, has overturned generations of outdated Gettysburg historiography, while once again revealing the author’s long-time and well-known penchant for writing groundbreaking history. The History Book Club editor wrote how this important book tells the story “Where the legend of Custer was born,” and how “Custer’s true rise to prominence began on the battlefield of Gettysburg [and Tucker] shows how the Custer legend was born [in] the war’s most famous battle, an eye-opening new perspective on Gettysburg’s overlooked cavalry battle” to reconfirm the author’s widespread reputation as America’s leading “New Look” historian.

By presenting cutting edge history, Dr. Tucker’s many books have turned traditional historical narrative upside down to present fresh views and perspectives from meticulous research, while rewriting the romanticized, obsolete history that has been incorrectly presented to us by old school traditionalists. In consequence, Tucker has emerged as America’s most groundbreaking and prolific historian, presenting corrective history of importance in a flood of groundbreaking books. This award-winning writer has written more than 5 Million words in more than 100 books of unique distinction in a wide range of highly-specialized fields of history, while maintaining a high quality output of corrective history over a lengthy period of time during two different centuries: an accomplishment not achieved by any American historian during the last half century.

For decades, Dr. Tucker has bestowed recognition to forgotten women, black and white, of distinction and other ignored players in America’s story to leave a lasting literary achievement in multiple fields of history. No American historian has broken more new ground in so many books of historical significance in so many diverse fields of history than this prolific author. While chronicling important lives in colorful narratives that are educational, Tucker has written uniquely human and cutting edge history in truly iconoclastic books that enlighten and inspire readers.

The author earned a Ph.D. in American History at a prestigious Jesuit institution, St. Louis University, where he was “part of a tradition of academic excellence.” Tucker then served his country for more than two decades at military bases across the United States as a Department of Defense civilian historian, including working at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C.

As noted, Tucker has often illuminated major turning point moments in American history, including his highly-acclaimed PICKETT’S CHARGE, A NEW LOOK AT GETTYSBURG’S FINAL ATTACK (distributed by Simon and Schuster). This groundbreaking book was lavishly praised by Yale graduate Thomas E. Ricks, one of America’s most distinguished historians, in his NEW YORK TIMES REVIEW (11/10/2016), “Thomas Ricks on the Season’s Military History.” Please see this NEW YORK TIMES review at: https://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/13/books/review/new-military-history-books.html

Gettysburg expert and scholar, Bradley M. Gottfried, Ph.D., former College of Southern Maryland president, emphasized how Tucker’s PICKETT’S CHARGE is “easily the best book on the topic.”

The author’s CUSTER AT GETTYSBURG has set the historical record straight after more than a century and a half, while revealing a forgotten turning point moment in American history: George Armstrong Custer’s vital role in helping to win the Battle of Gettysburg on July 3, 1863. CUSTER AT GETTYSBURG is even a more groundbreaking and important work than Tucker’s PICKETT’S CHARGE. This scholarly work has overturned the many outdated Gettysburg books by traditional authors still clinging to outdated orthodoxy and tradition. Tucker has completed another important Custer book entitled, WHY CUSTER WAS NEVER WARNED to reveal the forgotten true story about the Battle of the Little Bighorn and much like his groundbreaking DEATH AT THE LITTLE BIGHORN.

During the past decades, no historian today has broken more new ground in the Gettysburg field than Dr. Tucker, including his recent AMERICA’S BLOODY HILL OF DESTINY. Dr. Tucker has authored seven unique and important Gettysburg books with “New Look” perspectives and a distinctive Cattonesque narrative style and energetic style of writing, while providing a wealth of new ideas, fresh views, and insightful perspectives. He has overturned generations of conventional wisdom and outdated Gettysburg history in groundbreaking books like BARKSDALE’S CHARGE, THE IRISH AT GETTYSBURG, STORMING LITTLE ROUND TOP, GETTYSBURG’S MOST HELLISH BATTLEGROUND, etc.

Tucker has become the most prolific “New Look” scholar in Gettysburg, blacks, Irish, and women’s studies in the 21st Century. He has presented many unique aspects of history—military, social, political, racial—in a new and fresh way, including his recent books of the new Harriet Tubman Series of four volumes. As mentioned, Tucker’s books have been of an extremely groundbreaking nature never before achieved by a single author. For instance, one expert emphasized about the author’s DEATH AT THE LITTLE BIGHORN how: “no one has made a stronger case for what really happened than Phillip Thomas Tucker in this compelling and convincing narration.”

Even more, the author’s books are distinguished by a vivid, lively descriptive style of writing unlike the dry, textbook style so common in history books. Tucker has long focused on some of America’s best human interest stories and historical vignettes. Describing characters and events in great detail, the author’s unique narrative style, often poetic, in overall vivid descriptiveness, has allowed readers to be transported back in time to stirring moments in history. By bringing forgotten men and women vividly back to life, Tucker has written dozens and dozens books of rare distinction that are extremely enlightening and educational. A narrative and descriptive historian with a Ph.D. who has successfully merged these dual strengths in a rare combination not often seen in any writer, Tucker has allowed readers to gain an intimate feel for history like few other authors today. Most important, Dr. Tucker has become America’s most prolific ground-breaking historian in many fields of history: an unprecedented achievement to date.

An innovative, out-of-the-box thinker recognized on both sides of the Atlantic, Tucker has authored highly-original “New Look” narratives to reveal new insights and perspectives to prove that the best history definitely goes against the grain and tradition. Insightful and thoughtful Daniel N. White emphasized a fundamental truth in his 9/20/2011 review of the author’s myth-busting EXODUS FROM THE ALAMO: “Finally, The Truth About the Alamo.”

Tucker earned three history degrees from prestigious universities, including a Ph.D. in American history from St. Louis University in 1990, while gaining a 4.00 GPA. In books distinguished by their broad human appeal and fresh interpretations, the author has most often untangled historical half-truths to present more accurate history by more deeply exploring the deep complexities of the human experience on multiple levels, such as the lives of Buffalo Soldiers David Fagen and Cathy Williams.

Significantly, this myth-busting historian has also illuminated some of the most climactic and crescendo moments in American history from the American Revolution to the Second World War, while establishing new literary benchmarks in Women’s, African American, Caribbean, American Revolutionary War, Tuskegee, Civil War, Abolition, Buffalo Soldier, Irish, Little Bighorn, Pirate, Aviation, Western, Spanish-American War, Gettysburg, and Southern history.

As noted, Tucker’s iconoclastic books have especially bestowed greater recognition to long-ignored African American men and women. The author has emerged as one of the most important historians in the field of African American history like in other fields of history in the last century. The author’s groundbreaking series (54th MASSACHUSETTS GLORY SERIES of four volumes) of books have celebrated the heroics of the North’s first black regiment during the Civil War: the first series of books ever devoted to this remarkable black regiment that brought forth a new birth of freedom to America.

Significantly, Dr. Tucker’s books about black history have also focused on bringing about greater social awareness to Americans, both black and white, today, about black heroes and heroines who have been long overlooked and forgotten. In highly-original “New Look” narratives, the author has promoted the heroics of brave African American men, aviator pioneer John C. Robinson, and black women from the American Revolution to the Second World War, including multiple series of important and groundbreaking books.

As noted, Tucker’s “New Look” books have focused on the heavily Buffalo Soldier experience (2 volumes about David Fagen and 4 volumes about Harriet Tubman) and Jamaica’s national heroine Nanny and revolutionary women of Haiti. Tucker’s first book (2002) about the remarkable life of female Buffalo Soldier Cathy Williams was praised by Library Journal: “A unique story of gender and race . . . that reaches across categories, from American, African American, and military history to Western and Women’s history.”

Like his other revealing books in African American history, Tucker has accomplished a comparable significant literary feat in the fascinating field of Irish history like in black history. The author has written about the forgotten Irish contributions in the Civil War, Texas Revolution, and westward expansion, including: HOW THE IRISH WON THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION; THE IRISH AT GETTYSBURG; GOD HELP THE IRISH! HISTORY OF THE IRISH BRIGADE, and other noteworthy books, including award winners.

Talented historian and scholar Perry D. Jamieson, Ph.D., emphasized how: “What separates [Tucker] from many other historians is that he is an innovative ‘idea person.’ I have known very few historians who can match his ability to conceive a topic, develop a fresh approach to it, and write about it at length.”

In correcting the historical record in his national award-winners, Best Sellers, and History and Military Book Club Main Selections, Tucker has overturned America’s oldest prevailing myths and stereotypes, especially racial, in multiple fields of history. From the beginning, a historian’s greatest gift has been to present the familiar in new ways and this achievement has become Dr. Tucker’s expertise and specialty.

Most of all, Tucker’s books have reinterpreted history around the world to provide a good many fresh and new perspectives, allowing a new generation of readers to rediscover America’s fascinating past through a sharper lens and more intensified focus, especially in terms of race and gender. One professor emphasized Tucker’s educational contributions that have brought history alive like few other historians: “thousands of tourists may now be exposed to what has been washed out by narratives” for generations.

By conceiving original history in multiple fields, he has emerged today as America’s leading corrective historian and deconstructionist of outdated history. Described as a “once in a generation historian,” Tucker has authored ground-breaking “New Look” books that present unique perspectives for the twenty-first century, while overturning the traditional historical narrative. One revered historian concluded: “Dr. Tucker is one of the two or three best ‘idea persons’ that I’ve met during my nearly twenty years as a professional military historian.” By digging deeper to solve history’s mysteries and to unravel its many riddles, Tucker has dismantled some of the most sacred cows in American history.

Throughout his long career, Dr. Tucker has always taken the road least traveled by historians by focusing on unique “New Look” perspectives in vivid historical narratives that have been groundbreaking. Tucker has praised the American fighting man, while simultaneously promoting greater social awareness. Struggles against the odds and convention by forgotten underdog players have been a primary theme of Tucker’s many biographies, especially those about African American women. One professor praised this award-winning author educated at St. Louis University “for making the study of mankind a real narrative.”

The author’s many books are distinguished by their overall humanity to reveal history’s most intimate and personal side, which has been too often ignored by other historians. In one astute reviewer’s words: “Most history in printed form has very little, if any humanity [but the author’s books] made a profound impact on me, due not only to razor-sharp depictions of strategy and its execution, but something that was revealed with astonishing empathy: the Truth.”

Tucker’s books have most often gone against the grain of the traditional consensus and standard narrative to present some of the most fascinating chapters of America’s most hidden history by focusing on revealing long-silenced voices and stories long forgotten. One historian emphasized that in Tucker’s DEATH AT THE LITTLE BIGHORN: “Custer’s Last movements and decisions have been argued about since 1876, but, in my mind, no one has made a stronger case for what really happened than Phillip Thomas Tucker in this compelling and convincing narration.”

PICKETT’S CHARGE (Main Selection of the History Book Club) also garnered considerable praise from leading experts across America. One reviewer emphasized how the author “Replaces 150 years of uninterrogated mythology with meticulously research history to give us a new and long-overdue understanding” of this key turning point moment in American history.

Tucker’s “New Look” 2010 EXODUS FROM THE ALAMO, THE ANATOMY OF THE LAST STAND MYTH (a History Book Club Selection sold at the Alamo for years and to this day) has overturned generations of mythical Texas history, which has been grossly distorted for nearly two centuries. A Library Journal review emphasized that “Tucker provides long-overdue corrections to the Alamo story unknown to most readers.” Another reviewer concluded: “I commend Phillip Thomas Tucker for uncovering the ugly truth” about Texas and its dark history, especially when it came to slavery and race relations. In mid-August 2011, The Times and Daily Mail of London, England, featured complimentary lead stories that praised “Exodus from the Alamo.”

FAKE AMAZON 1-Star and 2-Star ATTACK REVIEWS: One contributor to a Civil War blog revealed the motivation behind an organized campaign of rivals who have engaged in years of posting fake 1-star Amazon reviews for the author’s books in an organized smear campaign: “Did you pan it on Amazon? . . . stop Tucker before he writes again.” Only one or two cyber cowards (false and fake attack reviews that are excessively editor obsessive since they obviously came from a rival editor and publisher) have been behind the posting of more than 250 fake 1-star Amazon reviews against the author’s works for more than a decade. One publisher, whose editors of Tucker’s books have been repeatedly smeared by them with their lies, concluded how “they are simply scum.”

EXODUS FROM THE ALAMO Reviews by Leading Experts:

—“The research is hard to argue against [and] is pretty straight forward. Read all of it with an open mind [and] You will surprise yourself,” Kepler’s Military History.

—“Tucker provides long-overdue corrections to the Alamo story unknown to most readers,” Library Journal.

—“Tucker has written a remarkable account of one of America’s pivotal military actions,” Military Heritage Magazine.

—“Tucker’s bold assessment is undeniably true,” City Book Review.

—“My, My, My, we now have a truthful book about the Alamo [by the] complete demolition of the Texas founding myth done here,” Dandelion Salad Review “Finally, The Truth About the Alamo,” by Daniel N. White, Sept. 20, 2011.

—“An eye-opening reappraisal of what really happened [at] the Alamo [and] Tucker’s well researched account dramatically rewrites long-accepted history and shatters some of the most cherished and enduring myths of the 1836 battle,” Armchair General.

—“Readers open to new interpretations . . . will find compelling arguments within its well-researched pages,” Dallas Morning Star.

—“It is refreshing for historians to challenge the conventions of history,” Army Magazine. In reviewer Daniel N. White’s words: “The elephant in Texas history’s living room has always been . . . slavery,” and Tucker has exposed this fact in full.

In his complimentary NEW YORK TIMES review (Nov. 10, 2016), Thomas E. Ricks praised PICKETT’S CHARGE: “Tucker, who has written many books of military history, makes the contrarian argument [but] the book is most interesting for the bright nuggets of information Tucker presents . . . a mosaic of thousands of pieces that, seen whole, amounts to a fascinating picture of what was probably the most important moment of the Civil War [with] new facts, different perspectives.”

Indeed, most of all, Tucker’s “New Look” books have provided a great many fresh insights about America’s most defining and climactic turning moments of the nation’s story. He has most often illuminated historical blind spots, while correcting “old school” narratives of America’s most iconic moments. Even more, he has employed a host of new ways of presenting historical evidence to provide fresh interpretations and analysis of a groundbreaking nature. Quite simply, decade after decade, Dr. Tucker has never written “your father’s history” and never will. One professor emphasized Tucker’s long-time role in shattering myths in multiple fields of history: “it is so good to know that we have academic warriors.”

The author’s first-ever and award-winning biographies of men and women of all races and creeds have brilliantly illuminated the forgotten lives of underdogs, lost souls, rebels, outcasts, renegades, deserters, generals, Buffalo Soldiers, Tuskegee Airmen, pirates, misfits, nonconformists, and refugees, while going against the grain to reveal long-overlooked historical truths, forgotten narratives, and hidden history.

For example, Tucker has also presented an “unvarnished look” in his “ground-breaking new analysis at one of America’s iconic battles” to completely overturn the long-entrenched traditional views, myths, and stereotypes, which have been falsely created. Consequently, EXODUS FROM THE ALAMO garnered “an exemplary series of reviews from objective publications and scholars” on both sides of the Atlantic.

In demystifying America’s iconic turning point moments, Tucker’s unique “New Look” perspectives of his books have allowed readers to rethink history and the overall human experience in an entirely new way. He has illuminated history in an entirely new light and from fresh perspectives to expose long-existing misconceptions and entrench myths.

The author’s unique penchant for presenting unvarnished historical truths through an unfiltered lens has repeatedly overturned traditional history and generations of conventional thought, while revealing the truth about “taboo” perspectives long avoided by other historians. The author’s groundbreaking books bring to life forgotten men and women long banished to history’s most obscure margins, while bestowing credit and recognition where it is rightfully due.

AMERICA’S TOP ACADEMICS LAVISHLY PRAISE “NEW LOOK” BOOKS: Tucker’s PICKETT’S CHARGE has presented many fresh views and new perspectives to overturn generations of stale and obsolete Gettysburg history. This “magisterial” book about a turning point moment in American history during the most decisive battle of the Civil War has been highly-praised by America’s top academics and leading Civil War and Gettysburg historians.

The New York Times review of PICKETT’S CHARGE praised the author’s original and fresh approach:

—Tucker’s “Pickett’s Charge, A New Look at Gettysburg’s Final Attack offers a vastly (and intriguingly) different spin on your average assessment of the presumed futility of the attack.” HistoryNet.

—Historian Alan Axelrod, Ph.D.: “Phillip Thomas Tucker’s magisterial Pickett’s Charge: A New Look at Gettysburg’s finally replaces 150-plus years of uninterrogated mythology with meticulously researched history to give us a new and long-overdue understanding.”

—William C. Davis emphasized: “In his almost minute-by-minute account of the most famous infantry charge in history, Phillip Thomas Tucker provides a thoughtful and challenging new look at the great assault at Gettysburg, from planning to aftermath. Not afraid to lay blame where he thinks it belongs, Tucker is fresh and bold in his analysis and use of sources.”

—Louis P. Masur, Distinguished Professor of American Studies and History, Rutgers University: “A thought-provoking and eye-opening study of this pivotal moment in American history.”

—“the author does a workman-like job of revising many myths and misconceptions about the battle [and] takes issue with many of the long-held assumptions and analysis of the famous attack and seeks to revise many long-held misconceptions” Jerry D. Lenaburg, Graduate of the United States Naval Academy and Senior DoD Military Analyst, New York Journal of Books.

—“A popular historian deconstructs ‘the greatest assault of the greatest battle of America’s greatest war’,” Kirkus Reviews.

—“No action in the Civil War is more iconic than the misnamed ‘Pickett’s Charge,’ and yet few episodes of this most studied of wars is in need of more enlightened and enlightening reexamination [until] Phillip Thomas Tucker’s magisterial Pickett’s Charge,” Alan Axelrod, Ph.D.

—“Pickett’s Charge, A New Look at Gettysburg’s Final Attack is a detailed analysis of one of the most iconic and defining moments in American history. This book presents a much-needed fresh look, including the unvarnished truths and ugly realities about the unforgettable story,” Press Release.

—“Tucker officers a fresh account of Gettysburg’s final attack [and] reveals the tactical brilliance of a master plan that went awry. Drawing on ample primary sources . . . Pickett’s Charge details the complexities and contradictions of one of the pivotal moments in our nation’s defining contests.” History Book Club and Military Book Club

—“Phillip Thomas Tucker’s new book ‘Pickett’s Charge’ . . . reveals the incredible Irish underpinnings of the day that changed America forever . . . Tucker sets out to quash two myths that have fueled Civil War debate for 150 years [and] The first of these is that Pickett’s Charge was an ill-advised roll of the dice [and] The second myth is that Pickett’s Charge, like the broader Confederate war effort, was Anglo-Saxon in its leadership and execution . . . Tucker introduces us to the Irish-born and the sons of the Irish-born” men of Pickett’s Charge and “Tucker has restored a vital part of our history in America.” IrishCentral.

DEATH AT THE LITTLE BIGHORN was still another History Book Club and Military Book Club selection like PICKETT’s CHARGE and numerous other books by Dr. Tucker, including his recent ALEXANDER HAMILTON AND THE BATTLE OF YORKTOWN 1781 in 2022. These ground-breaking books have garnered praise for presenting a good many fresh perspectives and new views that have been overturned the standard interpretations of generations of historians. In regard to Tucker’s DEATH AT THE LITTLE BIGHORN:

—“Custer’s last movements and decisions have been argued about since 1876, but, in my mind, no one has made a stronger case for what really happened [at the Little Bighorn] than Phillip Thomas Tucker,” Robert Boze Bell, Executive Editor of True West Magazine, about Tucker’s book.

—“Presents a fascinating, lively, and important reassessment of the famous Battle of the Little Bighorn . . . Where the ‘Last Stand’ happened and what it means will change dramatically for readers of this book.” Clyde A. Milner, II, co-editor of The Oxford History of the American West.

—“Phillip Thomas Tucker [emphasized] that the true turning point of the battle came early with the charge at Medicine Tail Coulee Ford.” Wild West Magazine.


Premier historian James M. McPherson, Ph.D., winner of the Pulitzer Prize and the George Henry Davis ‘86 Professor Emeritus of United States History at Princeton University, wrote how Tucker is “one of the most prolific Civil War historians” in America. Tucker’s “PICKETT’S CHARGE” has continued his ground-breaking Gettysburg scholarship distinguished by new and original perspectives in groundbreaking words. The author’s STORMING LITTLE ROUND TOP, was described as “extremely well-researched and well-written,” Choice.

Tucker’s groundbreaking PICKETT’S and DEATH AT THE LITTLE BIGHORN (both History Book Club Selections) are “New Look” books that have presented a more inclusive approach, providing readers with a thorough and deep understanding of these pivotal moments in American history.

Talented historian Allen Carl Guelzo has also praised the author’s books: “Phillip Thomas Tucker, who has written on topics as varied as the Alamo, the Revolutionary War, and African American soldiers [has produced a] narrative [that] is thickly sprinkled with commentary from diaries and letters.”

In regard to Dr. Tucker’s highly-acclaimed BARKSDALE’S CHARGE at Gettysburg, Jerry D. Morelock, Ph.D., emphasized how, “The author of the acclaimed Exodus from the Alamo does more ‘mythbusting’ in this superbly argued book.”

—Terrence Winchell, National Park Service Historian, emphasized how “Tucker has produced a wonderful addition to the library of the most discerning Gettysburg collector.”

—Scholar Darryl E. Brock, Ph.D., also praised PICKETT’S CHARGE: “Presenting an exhilarating narrative based on rigorous re-interpretation of historical sources, scholars and lay readers alike soon recognize the Southern nation’s high watermark as the second day at Gettysburg.” In still another milestone study of a groundbreaking nature, Tucker’s PICKETT’S CHARGE has continued his tradition of presenting “New Look” perspectives to correct stale Gettysburg historiography.

—Dr. Edward G. Longacre emphasized how “Burnside’s Bridge highlights a significant but neglected aspect of Antietam [and] the author’s scholarship is sound, his grasp of tactics sure, and his writing vivid, making Burnside’s Bridge both a good read and good history.”

—Likewise, the Journal of Southern History praised BURNSIDE’S BRIDGE: “Tucker offers a blow-by-blow account of the fight for the lower Antietam . . . Tucker deserves considerable praise for his efforts. Drawing upon a truly impressive range of primary and secondary sources, he has produced a thorough and highly readable narrative.”

—William C. Davis, one of America’s leading historians, wrote: “‘The Thermopylae of the Civil War’ . . . the single most remembered aspect of the fight, the contest for the bridge, has not until now been the subject of an in-depth book-length study. Phillip Thomas Tucker remedies this in Burnside’s Bridge . . . In a work thoroughly researched and dramatically written, Tucker lays out the story” in dramatic fashion.

From BURNSIDE’S BRIDGE to PICKETT’S CHARGE that have focused on the crucial eastern theater and to equally ground-breaking books about the western theater, Tucker has most often emphasized the most ignored and forgotten aspects of the Civil War. Tucker’s books have illuminated the American experience to present multi-dimensional perspectives combined with groundbreaking narratives. Utilizing a rare ability to demythologize history regardless of the nation and century, Tucker has most often reinterpreted the outdated historical record and the most iconic moments of American history, while breathing new life into the outdated traditional narratives.

Dr. Tucker has long focused on exploring the most hidden history to expose misconceptions and correct the historical record long in need of fresh and new analysis for the 21st century. Tucker has presented the good, bad, and ugly of history by relying on primary documentation mined from little-known private and public collections, especially from Mexico, in his groundbreaking EXODUS FROM THE ALAMO. Tucker’s EXODUS FROM THE ALAMO has also won widespread acclaim:

—“The research is hard to argue against [and] is pretty straight forward. Read all of it with an open mind before drawing your own conclusions. You just might surprise yourself.” Kepler’s Military History.

—“Exodus from the Alamo offers a fresh and fascinating look at [the Alamo and] Tucker’s efforts to include all pertinent evidence, including that of previously ignored Mexican sources, pays off in the form of a relevant and thoroughly researched book.”

—“A necessary read for anyone interested in the Texas war of Independence.” Strategy Page.

—“demonstrating a mastery and understanding” of the Alamo’s mysteries. Journal of America’s Military Past.

—“Dr. Tucker examines the real story behind the premier symbol of Texas . . . courageous as it is insightful, Exodus from the Alamo is a major contribution . . .” Antonio Zavaleta, Ph.D.

“I’ve just finished reading an extraordinary book, Exodus from the Alamo [from] reliable overlooked sources.” Present Progressive.

Tucker has most often unearthed a good many long-overlooked aspects of ethnic and social history to significantly fill the wide cultural and social gaps in the narratives of America’s story. Rewriting America’s most iconic moments in great detail by relying on new sources of information, Dr. Tucker has brought vividly to life fascinating personalities in first-ever biographies about America’s female Buffalo Soldier CATHY WILLIAMS (4 volumes); EMILY D. WEST; DAVID FAGEN (2 volumes); JOHN C. ROGINSON, FATHER OF THE TUSKEGEE AIRMEN; and four remarkable women of the HAITIAN REVOLUTIONARY WOMEN SERIES. Most important, all of these books have gained widespread praise.

—Professor Mario Marcel Salas, University of Texas, wrote: “Tucker knows how to mine the data for details lying well below the surface and use them to create an exhilarating narrative. This book demonstrates the power of analysis and the ability of the author to tell of the African American experience.”

—Professor Tim Carmichael: “This engaging biography of John C. Robinson, the ‘Brown Condor,’ gives the aviation pioneer his historical due and . . . makes an important contribution to our knowledge.”

— Edward G. Longacre, Ph.D.: “Brothers in Liberty recounts the long-neglected, historically and culturally important story of the free Blacks and mulattoes of Saint-Domingue (modern-day Haiti) in aid of American and French forces during the October 1779 battle of Savannah. The critical role played by the Chasseurs Volontaires in helping reverse the fortunes of the disastrous offensive against the British-held city has never been chronicled in such detail and with such deep feeling for the larger-than-military issues involved. Here is another characteristic effort by the Stephen King of American history.”

Over a period of decades, Dr. Tucker has evolved into “the most innovative, hardest working, and diligently productive historian of his generation,” in the words of one historian, for having authored more than 100 books of groundbreaking history. These books have brought many forgotten personalities vividly to life to illuminate the histories of many nations around the world by exploring remarkable lives.

Phillip Thomas Tucker is the author of more than 80 Books of History and, in total, more than 150 works of History, including scholarly articles, especially in Women's and Ethnic History.


Phillip Thomas Tucker Ph.D.: Experienced Author of American History Books in Orlando, FL

Phillip Thomas Tucker Ph.D. is known as America’s most prolific, groundbreaking “new look” historian. He has also been recognized as “the Stephen King of History”. He is the author of more than 80 books of history and has more than 150 works of history in total. These include scholarly articles, especially about Women and Ethnic History.

As an award-winning, innovative author, Phillip Thomas Tucker Ph.D. illustrates a wide range of historical events including the Battle of Gettysburg and America’s War of Independence. Moreover, he is best known for introducing fresh points of view and original ideas to demythologize outdated books of traditional.



Here are some books written by the Stephen King of history, author of American history books in Orlando, FL, Phillip Thomas Tucker, Ph.D.

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Phillip Thomas Tucker, Ph.D. was also featured in an NYT article for his work, “Thomas Ricks on the Season’s Military History”

NYT article

“Thomas Ricks on the Season’s Military History”

New Book

Custer at Gettysburg is the new book of Phillip Thomas Tucker, Ph.D.. Check out the short prologue of the book below.


Custer at Gettysburg

A New Look at George Armstrong Custer versus Jeb Stuart in the Battle’s Climactic Cavalry Charges

George Armstrong Custer is famous for his fatal defeat at the Little Bighorn in 1876, but Custer’s baptism of fire came during the Civil War. After graduating last in the West Point class of 1861, Custer served from the First Battle of Bull Run (only a month after graduation) through Appomattox, where he witnessed the surrender. But Custer’s true rise to prominence began at Gettysburg in 1863.



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Dr. Tucker is one of the two or three best ‘idea persons’ that I’ve met during my nearly twenty years as a professional military historian. He is a creative, innovative thinker, who has a gift for conceiving and outling original works in serious history. This is probably his longest suit as a professional historian . . . Phil Tucker is one of the most innovative, hardest working, and diligently productive historians of his generation.

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